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spit roast anyone?

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if i've alredy done this scream at me
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Nice thing for once

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After choosing "A" you have killed the fairy, and so lose the superpowers, retards. So you are now back to square one with nothing to do and no super powers, well done. Your choices are:

A) become an emo and attempt to kill yourself and fail miserably
B)Go back to being a fire eater
C) join an industrial german metal band

option's from guest writer louise

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So you have obtained super powers from a fairy. the fairy now sits you down for a long ass speech about responsibility, Do you:

A)Waste the fairy, you have super powers now bitch.
Z)Listen to the fairy and agree to do your best!
C)Tell the fairy were she can shove her speech and take over the world.


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you have joined the circus and become a clown, you are promoted to fire eater. Do you:

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Day one of nothing to do:
you choices are:
1) find something to do
2) sit there and bitch
3) join a traveling circus and become a clown

what do you chose?

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ok after being distracted by the very important (nothing) i've finely got round to giving you the first part of the sparkle army. enjoy
sparkle sparkle armyCollapse )
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erm...boredom has made me post seen as i havnt posted yet and everyone else has

HA i read rave master and arm of kannon they are so good (btw caffie i have ur rave master and arm of kannon)

and im in love with stephanie plum and rex <3

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I'm putting this here, because I can't really put this sort of thing in my journal. I have a respectable image to keep up, ya know? XD!

Anyway, Abbi came over for a Yu-Gi-Oh! Marathon night...but we didn't actually watch it. Which kinda defeats the whole point of a Yu-Gi-Oh! Marathon, ne? ^^;;

We discussed much as we lay there in the dark. *nods* Oh, yes we did. Well, between having licking and tickling fights that is. To quote myself, "we really shouldn't be allowed to sleep in the same bed".

We would like to share some of the topics we discussed.

Just don’t kill us afterwards…

You strip away the ugliness that surrounds me…Collapse )

There were probably a few more things that that, but my memory isn’t working again. Yup. The ordeal is over…for now *evil cackle*

Until next time then…

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Alter Boy - Stephen Lynch
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Do we have to talk about anime all the FRIKIN TIME?!?!?!?!?!?!
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wednesday 13
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